IMG_0473HHERN provides communication services to connect educational institutions in the Southern Highlands region of NSW to the Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet). HHERN aggregates the institutions under HHERN’s membership with AARNet. This sharing allows schools and institutions to connect at a low cost. And, best of all, educational (“on-net”) data from AARNet is free!

For schools, the formula is simple: total dollar costs to HHERN divided by the number of students. The cost per head is reduced as we add schools and students.

For non-school institutions, an estimate of network usage is determined and a fee is then put into the formula which again reduces the participation costs.

The simple aim of HHERN is to provide exceptional educational Internet access that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.

HHERN is made possible by the support and co-operation of Australian BioResources (an operating entity of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research), AARNetWingecarribee Shire Council and Ace Internet Services.